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Backlash 2020 results: WWE maintains its message that Jeff Hardy is a loser


For whatever reason, WWE decided it would be a good idea to tell a story poking fun at Jeff Hardy’s real life addiction issues by having Sheamus frame him for both drunk driving and a hit and run, and call him a junkie. The idea, I suppose, would be to show that Hardy has actually overcome it all by passing a drug test — and then throwing piss in Sheamus’ face — and then winning a match between the two at Backlash tonight (Sun., June 14, 2020) in Orlando.


Naturally, then, the match was about aggression and physicality. They were both pissed off at each other and wanting to inflict maximum pain. Sheamus, of course, is much better at that than Hardy. So he beat him up time and time again while Jeff got a few hope spots.

Eventually, hope gives way to reality.

There was no happy ending here.

Hardy fought valiantly but, as Corey Graves put it, “everyone who was counting on their hero Jeff Hardy is disappointed once again. One more time, Hardy lets everyone down.” Sheamus beat him up, and then he pinned him.

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