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Drew McIntyre wants to face ‘his Joker’ at SummerSlam

Who’s the Clown Prince to his Batman? The WWE champ explains while pitching his dream feud for the Biggest Party of the Summer.

He’s got a date with Bobby Lashley on Sunday (June 14) at Backlash, but WWE champion Drew McIntyre is already thinking about who he wants to defend against at SummerSlam (when and wherever that PPV ends up happening).

Randy Orton is a feud that makes sense for the star of Monday Night Raw, seeing as he’s a big name and currently one of the top heels on the red brand. To make his case, McIntyre is comparing his dream opponent to one of the biggest villains in pop culture history.

Here’s what Drew pitched to Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes:

“I think Orton is the one that has to happen. Right now, we’re in a situation where we’re building a lot of people including myself - myself and Lashley together, we’re able to help each other with MVP, and bring each other up as I’m on my rise establishing myself as champion and what my legacy is going to be. But someone like an Orton is somebody that can make me work up, and really learn from. He’s obviously an established face. People are gonna tune in and say, ‘There’s Randy Orton’. If they’ve never seen me before, they remember me from the past, they’re gonna go, ‘Oh, who is this guy?’ He’s gonna help tell that story, and really establish me as a top, top player.

“I think basically Randy Orton is my Joker. I think there is a great storyline there considering if you look at our youth. Perhaps we didn’t make the best decisions, and while I was perhaps punished, he was rewarded. I think I had to take the long way around to get here, and Randy said it himself, he doesn’t always try the hardest, but he’s so good that things tend to work out, and I really had to work extremely hard to get to where I’m at today, and I think it’s gonna be very interesting from a story perspective. I know the matches will be good. And like I say, he’s the Joker. He’s the one that’s gonna bring me up, and he’s the one that’s gonna cement my status, I think.

“So WWE, book it, please.”

The interview is recent, but McIntyre presumably didn’t know about the creative team shake-up when it was recorded. So who knows if he’d still be as confident in the plan to build him up, or even still be champion at SummerSlam, if it had been recorded after that news spread through the locker room.

He almost makes it sound like a feud with Orton is the plan a few times, but who knows there, either. McIntyre tees up the answer by asking if he’ll be watching THE GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER for his SummerSlam challenger, so it could just be that the question lead him to answer this way.

We’ll know in the coming weeks, or month at the longest.

You interested in seeing Drew’s Batman face off with Randy’s Joker?

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