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WWE Supercut of everyone who’s pinned John Cena is less than 4 minutes long

And, by our count, features 46 guys who by hook or by crook got a three count on the 16 time champ.

John Cena wasn’t always the Face That Runs (Ran?) The Place. And he’s definitely willing to do jobs now in the part-timer twilight of his in-ring career.

But we used to say LOLCENAWINS for a reason... and that’s even more galling when you see a few the names who picked up less-than-honorable pins on the Ce-Nation leader over his 18 years and counting WWE career.

Check them out in the “Supercut” video the company released above, and in our list of all 46 men featured:

  1. Kurt Angle
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Eddie Guerrero
  4. Brock Lesnar
  5. Billy Kidman
  6. Rikishi
  7. Rhyno
  8. Billy Gunn
  9. Undertaker
  10. Chavo Guerrero
  11. Booker T
  12. Carlito
  13. Orlando Jordan
  14. Edge
  15. Triple H
  16. Rob Van Dam
  17. Umaga
  18. Kevin Federline
  19. Batista
  20. Shawn Michaels
  21. The Great Khali
  22. Randy Orton
  23. JBL
  24. The Big Show
  25. Vince McMahon
  26. Sheamus
  27. Justin Gabriel
  28. The Miz
  29. Wade Barrett
  30. CM Punk
  31. Heath Slater
  32. The Rock
  33. Lord Tensai
  34. John Laurenitis
  35. Alberto Del Rio
  36. Roman Reigns
  37. Daniel Bryan
  38. Bray Wyatt*
  39. Seth Rollins
  40. Kevin Owens
  41. AJ Styles
  42. Dean Ambrose
  43. Shinsuke Nakamura
  44. Elias
  45. Braun Strowman
  46. Finn Bálor

* The video shows Bray Wyatt hitting Cena with Sister Abigail after he was distracted by a creepy kid at Extreme Rules 2014. Wyatt won that match, but by cage escape rather than pinfall. Its inclusion makes me question (a) whether some of the other “pins” shown weren’t really pins and (b) my life choices since I immediately remembered that finish without even having to check. But The Fiend did pin Cena at WrestleMania 36, so I guess Bray deserves to be on here no matter what.

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