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I can’t wait to see what rating Bret Hart gives to The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

It’s been announced that Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be a special guest on next week’s (June 16) episode of WWE Backstage:

The timing of Hart’s appearance couldn’t work out any better. Considering that The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever will take place two nights prior at Backlash 2020, I just can’t wait to see what rating Bret Hart gives to Edge vs. Randy Orton.

The Excellence of Execution has been known to be a harsh critic of Triple H’s matches in the past. Will he go any easier on Edge and Orton? Can it achieve the elusive 5 out of 10 on Bret’s scale?

Or will the hosts just avoid asking him about that match altogether? FS1 is airing Survivor Series 1996 right before WWE Backstage comes on the air, so it’s possible that Bret will only talk about his great match with Steve Austin on that card.

You’ll have to tune in Tuesday night on FS1 to find out.

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