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Randy Orton lied about buying a plane, and Undertaker fell for it

Two weeks ago, Randy Orton posted the most Randy Orton post in the history of Randy Orton when he matter-of-factly stated that he bought a plane.

The Viper was this week’s guest on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast, and he cleared the air on the story behind the plane purchase. It was all a lie; he was just having some fun on social media.

But his tomfoolery may have turned this story into The Greatest Rib Ever, as Orton explains:

“I don’t want to call a bunch of guys out. But I got a couple dozen of the guys and a couple close friends. They texted me, ‘Hey, congrats on the plane.’ But the biggest pop I got was Undertaker texted me. He was like, ‘Yeah, some play checkers, you’re playing chess. Congrats on the plane, kid.’”

I recommend you watch the video above to hear Orton tell the story. This Randy Orton is the best Randy Orton.

You can also check out the full podcast here, where Orton goes into more detail on NXT wrestlers needing to slow things down, why he thinks more people should wear masks and take COVID-19 seriously, AJ Styles being a flat earther, and how he has no interest in becoming a road agent or producer for WWE once his days in the ring are over.

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