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Shayna Baszler is still bothered by Becky Lynch’s ‘irresponsible’ pregnancy

Shayna Baszler’s most entertaining segment on WWE’s main roster occurred about a month ago, when she ripped apart Becky Lynch for having to relinquish the Raw women’s championship due to her pregnancy.

Baszler ended her attack by getting a vicious shot in on Seth Rollins too:

“Yeah, that kid’s gonna suck. You know who the father is? Yeah, I rest my case.”

Baszler appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week, and was asked if she still feels the same way. Not surprisingly, Baszler’s tune has not changed one bit, as you can hear in the above video:

“I think it’s garbage. What are we teaching? Irresponsibility? She had responsibilities to uphold as the champion of the division. You know what I mean? Take care of your responsibilities first. Don’t leave the division in an uproar and then hand your title away to whoever you feel. It’s ridiculous...if that was your daughter, you’d be like, ‘You need to be smarter!’”

Shayna is clearly in kayfabe mode here. Unfortunately for the Queen of Spades, her best promos are directed at someone who is no longer on television, so it’s not clear that any of this is going to help her wrestling career in the short term. She’s currently stuck in “creative has nothing for you” purgatory.

Do these verbal criticisms from Baszler get you to want to see more of her on Raw going forward?

You can check out the full episode of The Bump here to learn about Baszler’s expertise on beer, as well as what she enjoys the most about empty arena wrestling shows.

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