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Flat Earther AJ Styles says he has no respect for CM Punk

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Last week, CM Punk used his platform on Twitter to take a shot at AJ Styles for not voicing support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The tweet is deleted now, but Punk said that it’s been “obvious for years” that Styles would respond in that manner.

Punk then followed it up with this tweet, which doesn’t mention Styles by name, but the implication is clear:

Styles was asked by The Times of India about Punk’s attack, and here’s what he had to say:

“I will not react at all coming from a guy like that I don’t any respect anyway. It doesn’t really matter. Look, my job as a performer is to perform and get the mind off all the things that have happened throughout the world. I am not going to react to people saying ridiculous and stupid things.”

Speaking of people saying ridiculous and stupid things, Randy Orton confirmed on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast today that AJ Styles is indeed a flat Earther:

“AJ is a flat Earther. He thinks the Earth’s flat. And I know that’s just a really comical topic to talk about, and I give him shit about it, and he hates it.”

“No, it’s not a rib, he thinks the Earth’s flat.”

So the guy who is a flat Earther won’t react to people who say ridiculous and stupid things?

Yeah, that’s probably for the best. Styles’ time would clearly be better served reading some astronomy and physics books.

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