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Drew McIntyre thinks WWE is probably keeping Drake Maverick around, too

We’ll find out on Wednesday night if Drake Maverick win the Interim NXT Cruiserweight championship and saves his WWE job. Whether or not he does, a lot of folks think it’s likely he’ll stick with the company despite his being released along with a bunch of other folks back in April.

That’s because of how fully WWE’s embraced the story Maverick himself kicked off with the emotional video he posted on social media after learning he’d been cut. It’s part of why his friend Drew McIntyre agrees that the man he still calls Spud has a long-term future with the company.

As he told SportsKeeda:

“It [the story of his post-release run in the Cruiserweight tournament]’s the real Drake Maverick. That’s the real Spud. He is very, very passionate about this industry, much like myself. He’s always wanted to do it. He’s gave his entire life to it. You know, again, in the situation that he was in, he just put his heart on his sleeve and just told the world, ‘I’m still going to keep doing this’. He would and he’d be successful wherever he went - but I think he’s so capable of multiple different roles, not just in the ring.

“He’s so talented when it comes to his mind. He could be writing the show, he could be helping with characters, he can be on the show, he can be a manager. He’s so multitalented and I do think, going off of this storyline, which he created himself, he will be around and he’s going to have a long future here, not just on camera but off-camera, too.”

I don’t know if he’s winning Wednesday, but I’d be shocked if we see him working for anyone other than WWE for a long time.

Let us know if you agree with me and Drew in the comments below.

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