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Street Profits have lots of ideas to keep their skits with Viking Raiders going

Montez Ford’s excellent golf pants aside (Bianca Belair really is The EST of ev. er. ee. thing.), I wasn’t aware that the Street Profits/Viking Raiders non-wrestling competition skits were a big hit*.

That’s the basis for this piece from Bleacher Reports, though.

It features several quotes from Ford, and it is cool to see how invested he is in the skits. In principle, I agree with most of what he’s saying - that it’s important to try different ways of being entertaining, to show characters in different settings to help viewers get to know them, and to tell stories that extend longer than just a few shows. I’m just not sure the basketball, axe-throwing, and golfing bits are the best way to execute those ideas and achieve those goals.

Sounds like we’re getting a few more weeks worth of them, though, so maybe they’ll perfect the formula.

Here’s Ford:

“We can have a barbecue cookout, we can do swimming, we can have a bodybuilding pose-down. I would definitely love to have a candy contest myself - I love candy. We have so many different types of events that we can explore with so many different personalities involved in it.

“Dawkins and I were talking about some of the other things we can possibly do, but we do have bowling coming up, and aside from ax throwing, that’s another thing that’s out of our element. But they said what they said, and we have to make sure they eat their words.”

Bowling is on the docket for tonight (June 1), and will likely even the score at 2 wins a piece.

You down for best out of seven? Nine? More?

* I don’t have the quarter hour ratings handy, but a quick peak at YouTube numbers backs up my impression. May 18’s trip to the Ren Faire is the only one to have broken 500K views, and all the Profits/Raiders sports’ clips have been in the middle or back of the pack for their respective episodes.

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