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Comedian comes for wrestling (and Special Olympics?!?!), wrestling responds

So, yesterday (May 8), WWE Backstage’s Ryan Satin shared this clip of married comedians Tom Segura and Christina P ranting about how pro wrestling is fake and anyone who likes it is a nerd on their podcast, Your Mom’s House.

It’s not new territory. If you’ve enjoyed the business/artform of pro wrestling for any length of time - and especially if you’ve publicly admitted to enjoying it after leaving 6th grade - you’ve heard this stuff before. There probably would have been some conversation about the bit regardless, but what’s really upset people is that Segura uses another word to describe both the pastime and its fans. It’s a word that we don’t really use any more, and for good reasons.

I’ve seen some of Segura’s stand-up, and he’s a pretty funny guy. The impersonation of one of us here - “I never thought we would see the day that the Bass Brothers would hold the belt” - would normally get a laugh from me.

You have to get through “I think wrestling is for fucking retards” to get there, though. And I have a pretty decent self-image at this point in my life and can laugh at myself & the various silly shit I enjoy, but he can fuck off with that.

Which is what a lot of fans, and wrestlers, have joined in telling Segura after Satin posted the clip.

Of course, wrestling fans’ hurt feelings isn’t really the issue. As Gregory Iron, a veteran indie wrestler with cerebral palsy explains:

But fellow stand-up Dolph Ziggler is ready to make peace...

Like every other talking head, edgelord, or heel who gets online heat for a take, Segura is intimating this is just a gag, and most of the people who are upset are basically proving his point that wrestling fans are “fucking tools” with “diminished capacity”.

It probably - hopefully - is. I and everyone else who’s been worked up to varying degrees by Segura (and Satin, for more or less telling on him) will be fine, and move on in a few minutes.

Just leave Special Olympics out of it next time. Jeez.

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