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Look who made their WWE television debut last night!

205 Live is in a weird place. Well, you could argue it’s been in a weird place since it was launched after the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016. Or when they stopped featuring it on Raw. Or when they turned it into a B-show for NXT.

But right now it’s basically just weekly mini-WWE Network “Best of” specials focused on certain cruiserweights, many of whom have never even won the show/division’s championship, so... this is the weirdest place its been in, I think. It’s also possibly the end of the road for the purple brand, but we’ve thought that before and it’s still there, so...

Anyway, perfect time to put this guy on camera for the first time!

Jeremy Borash has worked with a few wrestling companies, but most fans associate him with his long run with TNA. He’s been with WWE for a couple of years now, mostly working in NXT, where his title is Senior Director, Content and Development. We’ve heard his voice in interview segments on the black-and-gold show, but he’s never appeared on camera.

Mostly Borash has been flexing the producing muscles he developed on Impact, working with Matt Hardy to bring the Broken/Woken Universe they worked on together at TNA to WWE with “The Ultimate Deletion”. He was also involved in WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard Match.

Now, he’ll be on 205 Live. For however much longer it’s around. Congrats?

We know at least one guy who’s fired up for more JB...

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