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Blown minds weren’t the only damage Karrion Kross & Scarlett did on Wednesday night

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As Matt Camp says, it was easy to predict that Karrion Kross would put people on the NXT Injury Report after his debut on the May 6 episode.

Personally, I thought it would be from all the marking out over the dope af entrance he and Scarlett put together. But as Camp reveals in the latest edition of his weekly series, it was actually Kross’ opponent who got hurt.

Leon Ruff is joined by the woman who beat NXT champ Charlotte Flair, and the latest victim of a Japanese Super Junior juggernaut.

Here’s the video, and a list of what was covered:

  • Io Shirai - back contusion from Charlotte Flair’s DQ-triggering kendo stick attack
  • Jake Atlas - strained forearm from Kushida being Kushida
  • Leon Ruff - neck sprain from getting Saito suplexed onto his head (twice), then choked out by a mad man with a very attractive colleague

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