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Karrion Kross’ debut is a reminder that love conquers all

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Karrion Kross debuted on NXT last night (May 6) with a friggin’ awesome entrance. He and Scarlett are two of the very few people who have come off like true stars in an empty arena setting.

Kross debuted by squashing Leon Ruff in a brutal manner, rendering his foe unconscious with ease. But there’s actually something very heartwarming about his debut destruction. There is a classic love story hiding underneath all those vicious suplexes and choke holds.

The referee for the match was Aja Smith, and she happens to be dating Ruff. She tweeted about how cool it was to be the referee for her boyfriend’s match:

Leon Ruff responded in kind:

Aww, you guys, I’m tearing up right now.

Who knew that Karrion Kross would inspire some of the best love stories ever told in WWE?