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Erick Rowan won’t respond to his WWE release with more negativity

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Erick Rowan was one of the more surprising names on the list of wrestlers who were released by WWE last month.

He’s mostly kept quiet about the situation up to this point, but did offer a few thoughts on the Death Wish Coffee Company’s Fueled by Death Cast:

“I mean, with everybody we’re in a weird, strange Twilight zone, outer limits type world right now. With the Corona virus situation, social distancing. This virus is affecting everybody. So I can be shocked and upset but what’s that going to do? The situation is the same, life as we know it is a little different right now. Is it still possible to attain goals during this time? Yes. Are they the exact goals that you want them to be? No. It’s going to be unexpected things popping up in there and you just embrace it. And you go every day, one step at a time like everybody else. I have a lot of friends in the music industry, I have a lot of friends that work service industry and they’re all being hit right now, really hard. And there’s nowhere for these people to go to work right now.

Nothing’s open within those industries and everything’s taking a big hit right now, so I don’t think it’s fair to point and be upset about any situation because there’s no point in doing that. That’s just negative energy and you don’t need to feed a negative situation with more negativity. That’s just not good for anybody. You need to stay positive, put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving.”

Speaking of positive energy, it sounds like Rowan fully bought into WWE’s goal of putting smiles on people’s faces:

“As everyone say with what we do, we do it because putting smiles on people’s faces is number one. And whether that be anything I do in life is, if somebody is watching it and it affects the way somebody feels, that’s cool. And that makes me feel good as a person to be able to leave that mark. At least a smile for a second on one person or ‘Hey, that guy was upset, but I gave him that the fuel to be here.’ I’m upset about something, so let me take my aggression out on this fictional character. That’s cool to me that I can evoke emotion that is an outlet to somebody. So instead of somebody screaming at somebody else out of the car and yelling at a car indirectly because they’re having a bad day, they can scream at me through the TV or at live show they can scream at me, and that’s their release and that’s their fun.”

Rowan sounds like a swell guy, and nothing like the character he played in WWE, which included being a cult member, carrying around a giant hammer, trying to murder Roman Reigns, and violently assaulting anyone who went near his giant fake spider in a cage. I can’t tell from the interview if he is actually a wine expert or not, though.

Do you think Rowan has the best mindset here, where he seems more concerned about the struggles of his friends instead of his own situation?

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