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AJ Styles tries to explain why he’s not dead

AJ Styles was presumably buried alive at WrestleMania 36 in a Boneyard match against the Undertaker. A few days later he appeared on the Internet to let us know he was alive, and then this week he made a surprise return to Raw and earned a spot in the upcoming Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match at WWE headquarters on May 10.

Now that Styles is back on WWE television, he’s going to have to deal with questions about how he survived death in the boneyard. That’s what happened when he appeared on The Bump this week, where he was asked about how he made it back to Raw.

“What do you mean how I made it back to Raw? I drove to Raw, I got there, I was ready to fight. It’s pretty simple guys. Do you want to hear me say I dug myself out of the grave and I’m a zombie? I’m not a ghost, I’m a zombie? Is that what you wanted to hear? No, man. If there’s an opportunity, I’m gonna take advantage of it. Apollo Crews got hurt. I took advantage of the situation. It’s that simple.”

Ok, so Styles dodged the question and directed focus towards Money in the Bank. Fair enough. But later on he questioned if he even lost at WrestleMania 36, and expressed a desire to get revenge on the Undertaker:

“There wasn’t a referee, so did I lose? I don’t know. Maybe I got some dirt poured on me, but that doesn’t mean I lost. Unfinished business? Absolutely. If there’s ever a chance to get my hands on the Undertaker, I will gladly take him out, no problem.”

Styles can’t directly explain why he isn’t a ghost or a zombie, but his characterization that he “got some dirt poured on me” certainly sounds way less extreme than admitting he was buried alive. To my ears, it sounds like Styles is saying that he just got some dirt poured on him, which isn’t a big deal. It’s such a minor thing that he doesn’t even know why is perceived as the loser of the fight.

Is Styles’ explanation good enough for you, Cagesiders? Or were you hoping for more?

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