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WWE & Fox want you to think CM Punk is SmackDown’s anonymous hacker

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The hacker or hackers who’ve been intermittently busting into the SmackDown feed on Friday nights set their sights on WWE Backstage last night (May 5).

There wasn’t much new in the hacked video itself - it was an abbreviated version of the one posted on The Message’s Twitter account last weekend. When the WWE on Fox tweeted out the clip, however, they did so with a phrase often associated with another Voice of the Voiceless...

Renee Young just flat out named him when the panel was talking about the hacker’s identity...

And it just so happens, CM Punk will be making his monthly appearance next Tuesday!

The Message retweeted the WWE on Fox clip of the hack with “Find Me Before I Find You” written in a symbol font. They’ve also updated their bio to read “Destroy it all. The truth remains.” Their location has moved from the WWE Performance Center to a remote location in southeast Texas. Brooks County, to be exact. Hmmm... do we know anyone with “Brooks” in their name?

In reality, the odds of the hacker being CM Punk are pretty low. There seems to be too much bad blood on both sides for anything beyond his current Fox-mandated gig to happen.

But WWE is throwing a lot of clues out at this point, in an effort to make the reveal a surprise (and get some of the sweet online #engagement in the process). And it makes sense that Fox would want wrestling fans to think he could be involved in the angle. Anything to perk up those Friday night ratings, right?

Do they have your attention now?