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How low can WWE Raw viewership go?

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Viewership for Monday Night Raw has been on the decline for years now, but WWE running shows at the Performance Center without a live audience has only seemed to accelerate that decline.

The latest episode drew just 1.68 million viewers, down from last week’s 1.81 million viewers.

The hourly breakdown has two of the worst hours in the history of the show:

Hour one: 1.80 million
Hour two: 1.69 million
Hour three: 1.56 million

WWE hasn’t really tried doing anything different despite the unique circumstances. They just run the same show they would run if there was an audience in attendance, complete with performers playing to a crowd that isn’t actually there. It alternates between surreal and downright weird, and too often settles on uncomfortable.

Some things work, but most things don’t. The live audience can’t get back soon enough.

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