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Matt Hardy’s unfazed by exclusion from ad for ‘WWE’s Greatest Ladder Matches’ on Fox

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This Saturday (May 9), on the eve of Money in the Bank 2020, Fox Sports is airing a two hour, primetime special called WWE’s Greatest Ladder Matches.

They’re been doing a fair amount of promotion for the Corey Graves & Michael Cole-hosted show online, too. Like the video embedded above, and this tweet:

There are a lot of names fans associate with ladder matches who aren’t listed in these promotions. One fan replied, singling out (and tagging) pioneers of the gimmick like Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and the Hardy Boyz.

AEW’s Matt Hardy saw the fan’s message and offered a reasoned response:

I’d have thrown in Mick Foley, too. But I digress...

Hopefully Matt’s right and WWE & Fox present something that lives up to the title of WWE’s Greatest Ladder Matches. We’ve had enough debate about why people were omitted from things already this week, if you ask me.

We’ll find out if we can have the debate all over again Saturday night at 8 p.m. Eastern.