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One undeniably good part of WWE’s coronavirus response

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The wrestling community can, and has, and will continue to debate how WWE (and AEW) have handled their business during the coronavirus pandemic.

But this week, WWE announced something it’s gonna be pretty hard to find fault with (although, this being the internet, I know someone will).

Sure, these $12.99 face masks aren’t must-have fashion accessories. Except for the vintage Kane one - that’s just dope af. But people will buy them; maybe even people who otherwise wouldn’t wear a mask. And donating all the money they get for selling them, minus cost & expenses, to Americares is a nice and hopefully helpful gesture.

Americares is an established non-profit which, according to both Forbes and Charity Navigator, has a track record of spending most of their budget on actually helping people, too!

In fact, the only real downside I can see in this effort is that the masks probably won’t be in stock until June 1.

Pre-order yours here.

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