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SmackDown gets a match worthy of PPV

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Thanks to a long, consistent story and some great promo work from Sonya Deville, SmackDown’s Mandy Rose, Otis, Dolph Ziggler & Deville program has been one of the highlights of WWE television over the last several months.

A singles match between Sonya and Mandy is looming, and so is a PPV! The stars have aligned for a big non-title women’s match on an event show!

Or, the first one-on-one match between the tag team formerly known as Fire ‘N’ Desire could happen on free TV this Friday...

That even feels like a PPV video package!

Maybe this is just prelude to Deville & Rose being added to Sunday’s Money in the Bank card. Or perhaps WWE and Fox decided to save this for SmackDown, thinking it will help with the show’s flagging ratings?

Regardless, I’m psyched for this match. And if it’s anywhere near as good as the rest of the feud’s been, Rose & Deville should get more opportunities to crack PPV line-ups in the future.