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AJ Styles’ return, Gauntlet win was the highlight of Raw this week

AJ Styles made his return a month after Undertaker “buried” him at WrestleMania 36. Commentary called him a “ghost” but he made clear he’s no zombie and he’s coming for the top spot. That starts with a Money in the Bank ladder match win at WWE HQ (which we also got a tour of during this show).

That was the big highlight from Monday Night Raw this week. Here’s the playlist for the entire show:

  • Asuka & Baszler eject Jax from MVP’s “VIP Lounge”
  • Bobby Lashley dominates in Last Chance Gauntlet Match
  • Humberto Carrillo takes out Garza & Theory in Last Chance Gauntlet Match
  • AJ Styles returns in Last Chance Gauntlet Match
  • Seth Rollins gives Drew McIntyre a WWE Money in the Bank preview
  • Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Shane Thorne & Brendan Vink
  • The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders
  • Aleister Black on AJ Styles’ arrogance
  • Rey Mysterio on the risks of Money in the Bank
  • Liv Morgan interrupts Charlotte Flair
  • Liv Morgan vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Take a look at WWE Global Headquarters ahead of Money in the Bank
  • Drew McInytre vs. Murphy
  • Drew McIntyre on the importance of defeating Seth Rollins (Raw extra)
  • Will AJ Styles become Mr. Money in the Bank? (Raw extra)
  • MVP, Thorne, and Vink demand respect (Raw extra)