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This clip of Undertaker roasting Booker T has us desperate for info on ‘the Red Bull incident’

As hyped on WWE Backstage, Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling school/promotion is releasing clips of a 2016 roast of the five-time WCW champion.

There’s some pretty big names among the roasters - Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, RVD, DDP, and of course Stevie Ray, just to name a few. But the biggest one, especially when you consider this pre-dates his starting to publicly break kayfabe, is Undertaker.

Taker’s nine minute speech praising and mocking his friend “B-Teezy” is embedded above. It’s an interesting piece of business. The Phenom talking about how most of the WCW guys who Booker came into WWE with didn’t “have it”, and how he mentored Book to get all the “WCW bullshit out of the way and help him get over the WWE way, to become a true sports entertainer” is something, for sure.

But what I really want to know more are the two stories the Dead Man teases but doesn’t tell. One (did I mention the video is NSFW?) is the origin of “the greatest line in history of sports entertainment”. That’s not Booker’s catchphrase, by the way. No, it’s “his asshole is red’r than a motherfucker”.

But the big one is the tale Taker starts with, the infamous Red Bull incident. Book apparently not only lost his “freaking mind” over a can of the energy drink. And then he “took it to a whole ‘nother level”.

What could have happened? Is the Red Bull incident related to the “red’r than a motherfucker” asshole? Did one lead to the other?

These questions probably won’t be answered in WWE Network’s Last Ride event, so somebody’s gonna have to book Taker for an uncensored podcast appearance.

Enquiring minds want to know!

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