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Bray Wyatt and the quarterback of his favorite football team hurt each other’s feelings

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Bray Wyatt is a big fan of the NFL’s Oakland Los Angeles Oakland Las Vegas Raiders. Derek Carr has been that team’s starting quarterback since 2014. The rest is pretty self-explanatory...

Wyatt’s having some in-character fun, but I doubt he loved the Husky Harris jab. It’s probably why he put the guy the Raiders signed as a possible short-term replacement for Carr in the #4 spot on his list (and a guy who had twice as many turnovers as touchdowns during his time with the team in the five hole instead of DC... or maybe that’s a shot at Goldberg, too).

Fortunately, they’ve made peace. It took a run-in from Knash Rotunda, though.

These are the things that happen when we’re all spending too much time on social media during a pandemic.