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WWE reportedly bans the buckle bomb

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Like their list of banned terms, WWE’s list of banned moves isn’t set in stone. Seth Rollins had to stomp using the curb stomp for a while, but can again. Piledrivers aren’t allowed, but performers can get permission to use them on occasion, and Canadian Destroyers were everywhere for a bit.

We’ll see how long the latest addition stays on the list. If it sticks, a lot of fans probably won’t complain. It’s the move which made Finn Bálor’s Universal title reign a brief one, led to Sting’s retirement, and just last month Kairi Sane got banged up taking one from Nia Jax.

Yes, PWInsider says multiple sources told them the turnbuckle powerbomb is not going to be used in WWE - at least for the time being.

Good idea? How long will it stay on the banned move list?

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