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SmackDown’s anonymous hacker is back with new video, more clues

Like my friend Kyle, I’m having a hard time believing WWE will pay off the months long SmackDown anonymous hacker angle in way that feels worthy of the build-up. Seriously, when did the glitches start happening? February?

But if optimism comes easier for you, “The Message” did drop a new video yesterday, as well as changing up their Twitter info.

Snark aside, these clues have been pretty fun. Let’s dive into the latest:

“This is a warning to the people - to the good, to the evil. I was silent, but I was not blind. My eyes know your lies.”

Sounds like a different voice, or at least a different distortion technique (one that may be a little too close to the Tom-Hardy-as-Bane end of the scale, too). We’re seeing some different folks here, namely Raw Superstars like Edge, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and new United States champion. Anything else I’m missing?

Their bio’s switched, and is coordinated with the sight themes of the video.

As for the location? It’s Imalone, Wisconsin.

Google Maps

So... not a stable, then? Or is just what (checks notes) Ali, Shorty G, Xavier Woods & CM Punk want us to think?

Are you still on the case, or have you checked out?

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