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Sonya Deville uses basic logic to explain why she must ruin Mandy’s life

Sonya Deville was a guest on WWE’s The Bump this week, where she addressed her current animosity towards her former best friend, Mandy Rose.

Deville was asked if there’s a singular moment that caused her to change her mind about Rose. She cited Money in the Bank 2019 as a key moment. Mandy was never appreciative of the sacrifice that Sonya made in giving her the spot in the ladder match. Mandy then blew it on that night, despite Sonya assisting her up the ladder.

In the full interview, Sonya further elaborates on why she is hell-bent on ruining Mandy’s life, and how amazing it feels to not have to carry Mandy’s dead weight around anymore:

“I hate her because she’s actually ruined my life. And so in return, it’s called karma, I have to ruin her life. Fair is fair. You know what, I’m a Libra. I’m the balance symbol, and I believe in complete and utter balance and equality in life. That means that if someone ruins my life, I must ruin theirs. It’s very simple. It’s like math.”

She makes it sound so straightforward and logical, that even Professor Scott Steiner would be impressed. Deville later explains that she knows she is a big star, and she’s determined to steal the show.

“I was trying to be someone that I wasn’t for five years, because the person that I am steals the damn show, and that’s just reality. So hiding in the shadows of some blonde, self-absorbed human is gonna turn you into a version of yourself that you’re not gonna be proud of...I should have never let my confidence level get that low.

But you know what? Shedding dead weight is the most freeing feeling ever, and I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. I’ve never been more confident in who I am.”

Sonya has been killing it on the mic ever since she turned on Mandy. Her delivery is confident and convincing, and it’s hard to disagree with the idea that she’s the breakout star who will be stealing the show whenever she gets the chance.

Mandy is clearly the babyface and Sonya is clearly the heel, but I know which one I’m rooting for in this feud.

Do you think Sonya Deville will be the breakout star in WWE in 2020?

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