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Neither the holiday or The Rock had much of an effect on Raw’s numbers

It was Memorial Day, and that pesky Dwayne Johnson premiered the new season of The Titan Games (which isn’t live sports but it’s as close to it as anything Raw’s had as competition for quite some time) against his old friends at WWE on Mon., May 25

Predictably, the red show’s numbers were down. But not that much! The average of 1.74 million viewers over three hours was just 22,000 fewer than May 18’s, or a 1.25% drop.

Here’s the breakdown:

Hour one: 1,806,000
Hour two: 1,726,000
Hour three: 1,673,000

Ratings-wise, the peak wasn’t as high as last week (.53 for hours one and two) in the main demographic of 18 - 49 year olds, but the average roughly the same across all three hours (both round to .51). This week’s 8 p.m. Eastern number (.52) won the night outright for WWE and USA.

No holiday next Monday, and Titan Games figures to drop a bit further in week two from its below expectations numbers, so... ah, who are we kidding? It’ll probably look much the same.

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Source: Showbuzz Daily

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