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Seth Rollins teases adding someone ‘very close to’ him as a disciple

Seth Rollins’ history in factions and groups was a big topic of discussion on the latest episode of WWE Backstage.

The Monday Night Messiah said his current group is different because he’s the leader. In The Shield they were equals, and in The Authority he was the young gun.

So as the leader, is he sitting tight with Murphy & Austin Theory (with AOP on the shelf, I guess)? Rollins played it close to the vest, but he teased a new disciple - and even offered a clue.

Most of the reactions have been along the lines of “CESARO!”, with some pleading for Ruby Riott mixed in.

The first one makes sense for a few reasons. He and Seth are close, the Swiss Cyborg isn’t really doing anything else right now (and WWE definitely likes using him in stables and teams), and he could even be moved to Raw as the “future considerations” in the AJ Styles trade.

Ruby would be fun, and give a talented performer who fits the group’s dynamic something to do. But intergender factions aren’t something WWE books a lot of in this day and age. And are she and Rollins “very close”? Not to my knowledge, but I’m not up on everyone’s Instagram stories and Snapchats and what have you... so please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below.

Other than that, I don’t have a good guess. It’s clearly not the future Mrs. Messiah, or a certain large canine.

But then, I’m still not sure why Akam isn’t out there as the group’s muscle. So what do I know.

Make your case for Seth’s next convert, Cagesiders.

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