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Tommaso Ciampa doesn’t want NXT wrestlers in the crowd at TakeOver: In Your House

WWE finally decided it was time to put some fans in the crowd on Monday Night Raw this week in the form of NXT wrestlers. They were there for no other reason than making some noise in reaction to whatever was presented in the ring.

It felt nice!

It’s likely, then, that we’ll get more of that going forward. Tommaso Ciampa, for his part, is cool with wrestlers in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: In Your House this coming weekend but he would rather they not be NXT wrestlers. No, he’s got a different idea for that, as he told

“NXT wrestlers, no. PC students would be great. I don’t know that there’s rights and wrongs to a lot of this stuff. It’s all opinions. It’s wrestling. It’s ice cream. Because of our situation, we have at least 50 or 60 people in the Performance Center living in Orlando who aren’t ready to be on television as a performer. They’re just not. They can’t really do a whole lot right now with what’s going on. I think it’s awesome to have those people come on. It’s almost like that Japanese young boy style. Come to ringside, watch Kobayashi have this match. Feel it, feel the energy. Feel it all. Awesome idea. I don’t know that I like the idea of having NXT television superstars in the crowd.

“I don’t want to have people from Raw and SmackDown in the crowd while I’m wrestling. Maybe I’m young, but still have an old school feel to me. Just because there’s other options. I’d love to have some PC people back there, though. Great experience for you and it doesn’t diminish you in the slightest. That feels good to me.”

Can’t really argue with that logic!

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