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Vince McMahon says he won’t bid on XFL after bankruptcy

Last week, a report came out claiming that several of the XFL’s creditors believed Vince McMahon filed bankruptcy for the league as part of a plan to buy it back cheap after the pandemic.

Today (May 26) in bankruptcy court, McMahon responded to those claims. Per ESPN’s Kevin Seifert:

“In a filing today in bankruptcy court, Vince McMahon said he will not be a bidder for the XFL. The unsecured creditors committee had previously objected to the proceedings, saying McMahon was trying to rig the process to buy back the league without fully paying back debtors.”

I’m not a bankruptcy lawyer, so I can’t comment on if this means he can’t form a different LLC to bid, how the court would view that, and if there’s anything he can do about it.

But if this is binding and limits McMahon from reclaiming his second attempt a football league, you’d have to think he doesn’t have a third in him as he approaches his 75th birthday.

Right? Or am I making the critical mistake of under-estimating Vinnie Mac?

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