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Adam Cole attends AEW party, speculation runs wild

Adam Cole and Britt Baker continue to fascinate as the Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet of 2020 pro wrestling.

The latest twist in their saga starts because Tony Schiavone didn’t check out the background of the selfie he snapped with Nyla Rose at Tony Khan’s Memorial Day bash.

The since deleted before...

And the cropped do-over...

This, and Baker bringing up her beau in a few recent interviews, has caused a few websites like Wrestling Inc and to do the math on Cole’s WWE status. He debuted at TakeOver: Brooklyn 3 back in 2017. At that time, NXT contracts were typically three years long. Ergo, the Panama City Playboy would be a free agent in a couple months - unless he’s been locked into a longer deal that we don’t know about.

If he hasn’t been re-signed, given his many ties to AEW, the current NXT champ could be in a nice negotiating position, BAY BAY.

But that’s just speculation. All we know right now is Cole had a nice Monday talking shop with CD and the boys at Big Bicep Tony’s BBQ.

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