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John Cena inches toward his inevitable EGOT

“The Road to F9” Global Fan Extravaganza - Arrivals Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

If there’s one thing WWE fans know, it’s that John Cena wins. Once, we even ironically LOL-ed about it.

Sure, when he comes back to wrestle these days, victory isn’t assured. But it was when he was in his prime. And Cena’s in the prime of his Hollywood career now. So as a card-carrying member of the WWE Universe*, I have to assume that since the Daytime Emmys booked him in the Fatal 5Way for the “Outstanding Game Show” award, he’s a shoe-in to win the thing.

And once he’s got that**, it’s only a matter of time until he wins a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony, right? I mean, how did he and Tha Trademarc not pick-up a Grammy for You Can’t See Me, anyway? If Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have won them, John Cena & Tha Trademarc should have, like, a bunch of the things.

Anyway, here’s WWE’s press release on Cena’s actual Daytime Emmy nomination:

“Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” with John Cena nominated for Daytime Emmy

Sixteen-time World Champion, actor, best-selling children’s book author — and maybe Daytime Emmy Award winner?

That could be the case for John Cena, as Nickelodeon’s “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” has been nominated for Outstanding Game Show.

The Cenation Leader hosts the show, which features adults testing their grade-school knowledge, and a group of kids provides backup as needed.

The awards will be presented Friday, June 26 on CBS.

* I don’t think they actually hand out cards. If they do, I don’t have one. This, like almost everything in this post, is an attempt at a joke.

** Honestly, I don’t even know if Daytime Emmys count for the “E” in EGOT. Anyone know Lin-Manuel Miranda’s number? He’s close, and he’s a card-carrying member of the WWE Universe. This trophy wouldn’t even technically belong to Cena, since he’s not nominated for “Outstanding Game Show Host”, which is its own category. But we’re willing to rewrite the rules to get our man John in the club.

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