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Undertaker: ‘I’m not scared of cucumbers’

The Undertaker appeared on the Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast to promote WWE Network’s Undertaker: The Last Ride docuseries.

As he approaches retirement, the man behind the gimmick is getting more accustomed to pulling the curtain back on many of his secrets. That means he’s going on these podcasts and answering questions about whether or not he sneezes in front of Vince McMahon.

“I think actually I leave the room. I get away with a little more than a lot of people probably do.”

So it sounds like even the Undertaker doesn’t want to risk sneezing in front of Vince McMahon.

He then had to deal with the foremost question on everyone’s mind - what’s the deal with the rumors that he is afraid of cucumbers?

“Okay let’s get this straight...I’m not scared of cucumbers. I just don’t like cucumbers, okay?”

What if someone brings a cucumber into the room?

“I’ll probably leave the room, but I’m not gonna run...If they’re whole, that’s one thing. But if they’re cut up...”

The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania probably should have ended due to cucumbers instead of Brock Lesnar, right?

“People would’ve bought that a lot more, if I had slipped on a cucumber. Man, the hair on my neck is starting to stand up.”

If only Jake “the Snake” Roberts had cucumbers in his bag rather than a snake, he probably could have ended the Undertaker’s streak way back at WrestleMania 8.

Do you share the Undertaker’s dislike of cucumbers?

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