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Britt Baker says WWE forbid Adam Cole from attending her AEW matches

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Britt Baker works for AEW, and her boyfriend Adam Cole works for WWE. That workplace divide creates the possibility for awkward situations, such as when Baker was shown on camera at NXT TakeOver last year, looking very concerned after Cole was put through a table from the top of a steel cage.

Baker has previously said that AEW’s head honcho, Tony Khan, doesn’t have a problem with her attending Cole’s live matches for WWE. But it turns out that WWE wasn’t originally interested in allowing Cole to attend her live matches, as Baker explained on this week’s AEW Unrestricted podcast.

“We’re very lucky that Tony [Khan] has no problem with me going to watch [Adam Cole’s] live shows. So I, as we all know, was in the crowd at TakeOver when he won the title for the first time. This is also annoying, but he originally was told he can’t come to our shows. For All In, actually, he had a plane ticket booked and then they told him, ‘You can’t go.’

So he still came to be supportful, and he just watched it on his phone in the hotel, so that way we could afterparty afterwards. But he wasn’t allowed to go. And then recently they changed their tune, and he was able to come to our New Year’s show. It’s great for him too because this is his family. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole go way back. They have been together long before Adam Cole and Britt Baker were together.”

Telling talent that they can’t go support their significant other is a very heartless and petty thing to do, but it sounds like Cole made the best out of a needlessly frustrating situation at All In.

Thankfully Baker says that WWE has recently changed course on this approach, so it sounds like Cole is now allowed to attend her live matches. And if you listen to the full podcast, you’ll understand that Cole and Baker are practically obsessed with watching and discussing each other’s work.

You can listen to Baker’s full interview here on AEW Unrestricted to find out more about her bloody nose against Hikaru Shida, Chris Jericho’s influence on her heel turn, and how she’s spending her time during the coronavirus pandemic.

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