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The IIconics address their status after Billie’s slap on Raw

On this week’s (May 18) episode of Raw, Peyton Royce blew the IIconics’ shot at the Women’s tag titles when she got her team disqualified. Billie Kay was frustrated with her partner’s actions, and she slapped Peyton in the face. Kay immediately looked like she regretted the slap, and then both women embraced in tears.

The angle was enough to get fans wondering about an imminent breakup between Kay and Royce.

The IIconics appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week. They were asked about Billie’s slap, and what it means for their relationship going forward.

You can see their response right here:

Billie tries to make it sound like things are fine by focusing on their hug after the slap. But she didn’t seem to acknowledge just how alarming her slap was; she talks as if her slap is no more misguided than Peyton’s impulsive actions in the ring. It’s also worth noting that Peyton doesn’t utter a word about the incident in this video. So Billie says that things are ok, but we don’t really get a sense for how Peyton feels about the situation.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is this the beginning of an angle that will lead to a split for The IIconics?

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