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Securing title shots, fending off parking lot luchadors

It’s all in a night’s work for El Hijo del Fantasma.

El Hijo del Fantasma started off his night on the May 20 edition of NXT by crushing Akira Tozawa’s dreams.

A win for Tozawa would have meant a chance to call himself Cruiserweight champion for the second time in his WWE career. A loss to Fantasma meant he was eliminated from the tournament to crown an Interim titleholder via a tiebreaker.

The son of the Phantom won, and since both Fantasma & Tozawa had 2 - 1 record in group matches, the Mexican Superstar advanced by virtue of his head-to-head victory. He’ll face the winner of next week’s Drake Maverick/Kushida/Jake Atlas Triple Threat for the belt.

But he wasn’t done! For what I believe is the fifth time, one of Fantasma’s opponents was targeted by mysterious masked kidnappers after their match. Luckily, El Hijo was there to fight them off again this time. What a hero.

It’s amazing how quickly he gets there. Almost like he knows the attack is happening or something...

Now, if he’s a real hero, he’ll mount a rescue for Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Those guys have been missing for a long time.

Maybe after he has that Interim Cruiserweight title match. NXT has yet to confirm when that’ll be.

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