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Cage match, Adam Cole’s plan to deal with Velveteen Dream set for May 27 NXT

It’s not terribly surprising that the blow-up between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher led us to a “knock out or tap out” match between the two combat sports artistes.

It is a little surprising they’ve have that match in a cage, and even more surprising that it’ll happen next Wednesday (May 27) on USA Network instead of Sun., June 7 on WWE Network.

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Maybe they’ll have the second greatest wrestling match ever at TakeOver: In Your House?

Another pretty surprising thing happened on this week’s NXT. Velveteen Dream returned to re-ignite his feud with NXT champion Adam Cole. He was protected in his loss to Cole two weeks ago, but then only mentioned once on the next episode. Considering the controversy which swirled around Dream prior to his title shot, a lot of folks took it as sign WWE would keep him off television for a while. But he’s back, and after a poorly edited Purple Rainmaker, he’s right back into his program with the longest reigning champ in black-and-gold brand history.

Now Cole is postponing the anniversary celebration he had planned for himself so he can “negotiate” with General Manager William Regal next week over how to handle Velveteen.

Those two segments will join the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament tie-breaker semi-final between Drake Maverick, Kushida, and Jake Atlas on May 27.

Sound like a plan?

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