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Charlotte Flair ruins everything

It looked like the May 20 episode of NXT might be our first WWE television program in a while without an appearance by Charlotte Flair.

Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley were having a nice main event match, too! They were going back and forth between action that showcased the Genius of the Sky’s speed & acrobatic skill, and sequences that showed off the Nightmare’s power advantage.

Enter the NXT Women’s champion.

The Superstar of dubious alignment acted like she was just there to observe, which made sense seeing as it was a de facto #1 contender match. But as will happen when you decide to stand on the ramp while prospective challengers are brawling feet away from you, Shirai sent Ripley crashing into Flair.

Io looked to have the upperhand after an exchange in the ring, but she didn’t finish things before the Queen recovered. A big boot to the Japanese wrestler, a spear to the Australian one, and Charlotte Three Shows stood tall.

We’re probably headed to a Triple Threat at TakeOver: In Your House. Which will probably be the fourth television appearance for Flair that week.

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