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Cast Sonya Deville as Batwoman or I’ll complain online

Earlier this week, actress Ruby Rose announced she was exiting the lead role on The CW’s Batwoman series after only one season.

Like all of the so-called Arrowverse shows, Batwoman was a success. It had already been renewed for a second season when Rose revealed she was departing. The network and the show’s producers followed the Orange Is The New Black and John Wick: Chapter Two actress’ announcement with one of their own, committing to the show’s long-term future, and the re-casting of the lead role with another LGBTQ actress.

Which, for Cagesiders less nerdy than yours truly, is key. Kate Kane/Batwoman is the highest profile gay superhero from either of the Big Two comics publishers (Warner Media-owned DC, which owns the character, and their chief competitor, Disney’s Marvel). The show was heralded as the first-ever scripted, live-action series to be headlined by a lesbian hero. Bruce Wayne’s cousin is a cool character for a bunch of reasons, but her queerness is an important part of her DNA.

Fortunately for The CW, we just so happen to know someone who checks all the boxes on their checklist. SmackDown’s Sonya Deville is trained fighter who has adapted to the world of scripted combat. She’s been given a chance to show off the results of her acting classes lately, and knocked several promos out of the park in the process. And Daria Berenato, the woman behind the character, is gay, and has experience blending her activism with her professional life.

And she’s way ahead of us on this campaign!

Sonya’s not without competition. Some other prominent LGBTQ actresses - like Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz - are said to be interested in filing Rose’s bat boots.

But c’mon! Deville’s already starring in a soap opera with fight scenes that films every week. As much as I love Rosa Diaz, Sonya’s just more qualified.

And if you don’t cast her, I’m serious about the complaining online. You don’t want none of that, The CW! You think those Snyder Cut guys were bad? Wait until you meet Wrestling Twitter.

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