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Big name set to return on Monday’s Raw (SPOILER)

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Raw has been without several big names since WrestleMania 36. We don’t know if names like Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles haven’t been on TV because they’ve taken WWE up on the option to sit out during the pandemic, or because they’re selling what happened to them at ‘Mania, or because they were already planned for some time off. Whatever the reason, their star power’s been missing for almost a month.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, one of those main eventers will make their return on the next Raw. The episode which air on Mon., May 4 was actually filmed last week, per the schedule provided to WWE Backstage’s Ryan Satin. So to paraphrase Raw’s Executive Director, Pollock’s not making a prediction - it’s a spoiler.

AJ Styles will be back on WWE television for the first time since being buried alive by The Undertaker in the Boneyard Match that aired on Sat., April 4.

Pollock report also says it’s “expected” Styles will work Money in the Bank. Since he doesn’t really have any other feuds set-up, one quick way to use AJ on both Raw and the May 10 PPV would be to have him enter and win the Last Chance Gauntlet match for the final spot in next Sunday’s ladder match.

We’ll see if that’s the route they go on Monday night.