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SmackDown hits new lows on May 1

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WWE’s Twitter

These are extraordinary times, no doubt. The changes COVID-19 has forced upon everything have to be taken into consideration when evaluating anything.

Even still, it’s hard to imagine the May 1 SmackDown numbers aren’t giving WWE and Fox pause.

For the first time since moving to the broadcast network last October, the audience fell below two million. And that wasn’t the only unfortunate “first” for the blue show. It also dropped to its lowest ever rating in the all-important 18 - 34 year old demographic, putting Fox in fourth place in that category for the night.

Here’s last night’s network numbers:

Showbuzz Daily

If you’re looking for bright spots, SmackDown’s share of men under 50 bounced back! And the second hour drop wasn’t bad at all. You can see trends here in our spreadsheet of every Friday on Fox (all data via Showbuzz Daily):

Jeff Hardy is back next week and it’s the Money in the Bank ‘go home’, but it’s hard to see how either makes a difference.

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