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Brand to Brand Invitation does nothing for Raw viewership this week

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One of the ways Vince McMahon decided to combat sagging ratings was with the latest attempt at leveraging interbrand match-ups. This time it’s called “Brand to Brand Invitation,” and it resulted in Baron Corbin headlining Monday Night Raw this week in a match against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

It did not result in higher viewership.

Indeed, this week’s show drew 1.75 million viewers, down from the 1.91 million who tuned in for Becky Lynch’s big announcement last week. The hourly breakdown shows little interest in the Corbin match:

Hour one: 1.81 million
Hour two: 1.81 million
Hour three: 1.64 million

Most of the big stars are back and it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. We’ll see if WWE can turn it around anytime soon but they’re up against it with the pandemic ongoing.