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SmackDown’s anonymous hacker is posting chess clues from a new location

After a teaser on the May 15 edition of SmackDown that didn’t really shed any light on their identity (or much of anything else), the blue brand’s anonymous hacker posted a new message on their Twitter account last night (May 18) during Raw.

The message itself is fairly generic, and sticks with the hacker’s general theme of dishing out some long-deserved justice. The video is different though, and looks to be a queen taking out a king... is Charlotte Flair going to attack Baron Corbin? Is Shayna Baszler gonna take out Triple H? We’re so confused!

We’ve got more clues and/or misdirection from the header.

The location could tie into the video, as it points to an address on Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn. There are six chess pieces, and one is replaced. If this is Mustafa Ali, maybe he’s targeting The New Day for Kofi replacing him as one of the six entrants in last year’s Elimination Chamber?

The Message’s bio is now a code, and I’m honestly stumped there. I saw one theory it could be a birthdate, and the most prominent member of the WWE roster born on Dec. 27, 1990 is Zelina Vega. Seems like a stretch to me, but [shrug emoji].

Honestly, at this point WWE needs to start advancing this angle is a meaningful way or more and more folks are going to lose interest or turn on it before the big reveal. They can continue to keep the hacker or hackers’ identity a secret, but have them do something other than show clips from WWE Network and read riddles through a voice modulator.

Where are you with the SmackDown anonymous hacker angle at this point, Cagesiders?

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