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Kevin Owens returns

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WWE didn’t bother to promote Kevin Owens making his return to Monday Night Raw this week until well after the show was already on the air. There’s no telling why they did this, but he’s back nonetheless.

After revealing the reason he was gone — he got all banged up wrestling Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 36 — he made clear he’s good to go now. That led right on into his segment, a spot with Zelina Vega’s stable of budding stars. That, too, was a set up for yet another surprise return.

Apollo Crews is back too!

Crews, you’ll remember, was taken out of the Money in the Bank ladder match some three weeks ago after an injury angle following a match with Andrade. That’s why he returned here, to get his pound of flesh.

This all led to a tag team match, giving us Crews and Owens’ wrestling in a WWE ring again.


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