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The one way Drew McIntyre is trying to be like John Cena

It might be a while before we get another WWE star who reaches the level of John Cena, but that doesn’t mean those Vince McMahon chooses to push to the top shouldn’t aspire to work as hard as he did.

In an interview with ESPN, current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, when being asked about having that distinction in the midst of a pandemic, made clear how seriously he takes this role:

“I take it as a huge responsibility. I said leading up to WrestleMania, I believed this as I returned to WWE, there’s no situation that my journey of ups and downs has not prepared me for. I’m ready to put the company on my back and lead it forward into the future. Nobody could have predicted this situation but I stand by my statement and what I said before. I go with the flow, I adjust, and I’m just like WWE, I’m always trying to innovate and think outside the box. And right now, it’s my job as brand ambassador to put as many eyes on the WWE product as possible. Obviously I can’t physically go places to do this but social media is so big right now and WWE has a huge social media platform, over a billion followers around the world, and I’m constantly trying to do media as many days of the week as I possibly can, I’m harrassing them to John Cena levels, like I want to do absolutely everything every day just to even get one more person to check out the product.”

That’s the kind of attitude that will always light up McMahon’s eyes. What’s unfortunate for McIntyre is he may actually have to work twice as hard, considering he was crowned champion at the worst possible time, while the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

He may just be the man for the job though?

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