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Undertaker’s last ride with WWE looks to be a long one

There was a bit of drama on the wrestle web early last year (but then, when isn’t there?). This time it was because the AEW-adjacent convention Starrcast announced Undertaker as a headliner for their Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas.

WWE pulled the Dead Man - and the since released Kurt Angle - from the event. A few months later word went around that Vince McMahon signed Mark Calaway to a new deal which would “likely keep him there for life”.

The newest Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided a specific term for what very well could be Undertaker’s last contract - 15 years.

If that’s right, the deal would run out in 2034. At that point The Phenom, who debuted at Survivor Series in 1990, will have 44 years with the company under his belt.

That’s a hell of a run.

What’s next for The American Badass? As the title indicates, The Last Ride series currently running on WWE Network seems to be chronicling the winding down of his in-ring career. Which makes sense considering he just turned 55. But we’ve already heard speculation WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard Match wasn’t the end of the road, so...

How long with Taker’s last ride last?

As long as he wants it to.

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