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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (May 15, 2020): Otis the court jester

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Mr. Money in the Bank Otis started the show on Miz TV. Otis came out happier than a kid in a candy store, and then the chair he was supposed to sit in broke. He said even though MITB was a big win, the biggest win of his career was winning the heart of Mandy Rose, and Morrison implied that Otis must be packing meat, and not just in the Money in the Bank briefcase. That or he must be great in bed.

I… I just don’t need that image, guys.

Miz had a little slideshow ready of Otis family photos and we saw baby Otis at 12 pounds and 4 ounces. Another picture was shown of Otis wearing very little clothing. Miz got fed up that Otis got the briefcase and the girl and told Otis to get Tucker for a match. That can’t happen though according to Otis, because Tucker got dysentery on the Oregon Trail. But he’ll find a partner.

Otis came off super relatable, even though he’s the fool of SmackDown right now. He takes the fat jokes and laughs them off, while entertaining the masses. I’m not usually a fan of showing pictures (think of it as PTSD from years of Cena) but I loved this segment. Otis talked about his learning disability and man, who didn’t pose almost naked when they were a kid? Some people still do! And that’s okay!

What was even better was Otis deflecting the fat jokes with humor of his own. That is how it should be done. Typically the babyfaces get no mic time while the heels dress them down. Otis makes fun of himself, while so many others have just stood there dejected.

Otis asked Sheamus at first, which I liked because it wasn’t your typical babyface going to a babyface spot, and Sheamus was a jerk, naturally. Then Otis went to Braun, who had his guard up thinking it would really be for Otis to catch him off guard and cash in. Later on, we find out Braun accepted.

Braun attempted to do a caterpillar in the match but, yeah no that was terrible dude. The chemistry between Braun and Otis was surprisingly good for two dudes who have never teamed up before. Strowman did a couple of really odd looking throws to Morrison and Miz. Both men were out of the ring and Braun went to do his run around the ring spot and Morrison dove out of the way and was able to powerslam Miz for the win.

After, Mandy came out and Otis teased cashing in behind Braun’s back, but Braun whipped around and Otis said he was just kidding and they all celebrated in the ring. I really liked that spot because I know this won’t happen, but a total shock and swerve at some point could be that exact moment. Hell, I thought it was actually going to happen! Very interesting casually throwing Tucker out there without any real mention of why he hasn’t been around lately. I’ll be eyeing him like a hawk when he returns. Still think that heel turn is coming. For now at least.

Stirring the pot

Whew boy did Charlotte put herself over or what? FOX wanted Charlotte because of the “numbers.” As to what numbers she was referring to, well, your guess is as good as mine. She said she won five of her 12 titles on SmackDown and is surprised they don’t have a giant poster of her declaring her the greatest, as an inspiration to others.

And out came the role models. Bayley told Charlotte to go back to NXT or Raw, because SmackDown is Bayley and Sasha’s show. Bayley is the most dominant champion in SmackDown history. But Charlotte decided to focus on Sasha and wanted to know if Sasha was content with being an afterthought. Sasha went to answer but Bayley interjected and said Charlotte will never know true friendship. Bayley wanted to fight tonight but Charlotte decided to pick next week. Sasha and the looks again!

I’m not the biggest Charlotte fan but I very much enjoyed this segment. Using her to start driving a wedge between Sasha and Bayley this way was great, and even greater that Charlotte is currently NXT women’s champion so she could use their time on that brand to goad Sasha. She used her and Sasha’s history to try and break up the role models.

Bayley did an excellent job cutting Sasha off and making sure she was the one doing all the talking. She is playing a perfect delusional heel. There’s weight on this because of their history. Everyone played their part perfectly, and I’m wondering when that trigger is going to be pulled.

The Rest

Elias def. King Corbin - Corbin started the match so angry at Elias that he didn’t do his usual King shtick. Elias is forever a babyface for that. Corbin worked Elias’ left shoulder, which would normally bore me but it looked rougher than usual. See, sometimes Corbin can get it right and not drag down the show. Sometimes. I appreciated the added rage on Elias’ part after Corbin grabbed his guitar. Corbin does not use a Spinebuster often, but I believe it should be in his arsenal more.

I did not see Elias winning here, mainly because Corbin is going to be on Raw! I said last Monday that losers shouldn’t be rewarded, and now not only did they give him the match after he lost at Money in the Bank, he lost tonight too!

Daniel Bryan def. Drew Gulak - The wrestling purists not named Cesaro got a lot of time to apply their craft. Kicked my feet back and took this all in. Watch this one. Bryan’s heel hook *chef’s kiss*. Gulak’s strength was on full display. Go watch. Go!

The former co-host of Talking Smack, Renee Young, interviewed Bryan and Bryan said that he would be a fighting champion with the IC title. He wants that title to represent the absolute best wrestler on SmackDown. Yes, please!

So many plans for Mandy - She asked what Mandy is actually good at, since she hasn’t won or been a great friend. She’s just blond and pretty. When that’s over Mandy will be in a double wide trailer with a bunch of screaming kids and Otis asking for a beer. “And Mandy, I have so many plans for you still!” She said she was going to ruin Mandy’s life and she and Dolph will humiliate her and Otis next week.

Goodness gracious. Sonya Deville killed it once again. Got a little Fatal Attraction vibe from her. Her face when she said that quoted line looked stalker-ish. Sonya is near a step over Bayley for top female heel.

The following announcement has been paid for by tFs - The Forgotten Sons had an nWo style intro to their backstage promo. Jaxson Ryker told us that they chose to serve their country to fight for something they believed in. But they weren’t welcomed back as heroes. So they will welcome us with closed fists.

This was fine. I hoped they wouldn’t be HEAVILY leaning into Forgotten Sons being vets, but oh well. Just give me a good story and I’ll like something. As long as they are booked well and don’t start coming to the ring waving American flags and saluting it, this shouldn’t be too bad.

Dana Brooke def. Naomi - Naomi lost to a woman who was clapping and playing to an invisible crowd. The same woman who thought she had won Money in the Bank by grabbing a briefcase in a conference room after being told the rules. I like Dana, don’t get me wrong, but why put Naomi in this spot? Not happy about that at all.

Next week we’ll see Styles vs. Nakamura and Hardy vs. Sheamus and I’m excited for those matches because one group is just starting a feud, while the other has a lot of history with each other. I didn’t think WWE was going to strip Sami Zayn of the title, but they needed to get it back on TV. SmackDown has been mainly the tag team show since WrestleMania and it was strange to just see Miz and Morrison this week, while Forgotten Sons had a quick promo. New Day’s absence was felt tonight.

The Intercontinental title matches will certainly be taking over as the main focus until Backlash. That’s fine with me because for a company with so many titles, there are so little tournaments. Give me more of these! Tournaments to determine #1 contenders are the best way to get fun matches on any show.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?