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Christian isn’t coming back to wrestle again

Christian Photo : Icon Sport via Getty Images

Edge was forced to return due to injury, then made a shocking return after a decade away.

So why not his old tag team partner, Christian?

It’s not happening, as he told Wrestling Inc:

“It’s a much different injury. I get that a lot now that [Edge] has come back, ‘Oh, you’re next, right?’ No, because it’s a different injury. When I was younger maybe I would have explored it a bit more, but I’m not. I’m pretty content with where I’m at and the things I’m doing. People ask me and I keep telling them that there is zero chance I will be back in the ring wrestling.”

Of course, Edge maintained for quite some time that he wasn’t cleared and wasn’t coming back, even months into knowing he was cleared and was coming back. They kept the secret for the sake of the surprise at Royal Rumble, and it led to one hell of a moment.

That doesn’t mean that’s what would happen here. It just means Christian shouldn’t be surprised if he keeps getting questions about a possible return.

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