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Rey Mysterio has reportedly not re-signed with WWE

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ToyCon 2020 Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

After King Corbin threw him off a roof at Money in the Bank and Seth Rollins tried to put his eye out on Raw, there were some back-and-forth between pundit about Rey Mysterio’s status with WWE.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter tackled the issue, and reports that Mysterio has yet to re-sign with the company. Earlier this week, the Observer’s Dave Meltzer was one of the voices who said Rey wasn’t leaving, and he writes that he still believes the veteran luchador will remain with WWE: “I don’t expect him to leave but it’s not a lock that he won’t.”

His son Dominick is reportedly a big factor in Mysterio’s decision. Rey’s repeatedly said he wants to tag with Dominick before he retires, and it seems he might not want to upset WWE in any way that might limit his son’s future with the company.

The angle with Rollins on Monday does appear to be a contingency plan. If Mysterio stays, he’s got a hot program with Seth. If he leaves, that can be his write-off.

Rey’s current 18 month contract was signed before AEW was formally announced. WWE allegedly locked him up to keep him from working more with New Japan. It’s possible Tony Khan’s company could be an option for him (or used as leverage in negotiations with Vince McMahon), but in the current landscape, it’s unlikely anyone is offering huge deals.

We’ll see what happens.