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Finn Bálor’s attacker has been revealed, now his status is a mystery

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Like the reveal of Finn Bálor’s assailant, this week’s NXT Injury Report is a bit of a letdown.

I mean, no disrespect to Matt Camp, Jake Atlas or the trainers in Orlando, but if you’ve got to list this boo-boo just to get two names...

Maybe skip a week.

The video exists to push the Bálor/Damian Priest angle, though. And Camp spends the bulk of the video discussing the damage done by Priest’s latest nightstick attack. Atlas is on here to plug the crucial matches in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament next Wednesday (May 20).

Here’s the video, and a list of what was covered:

  • Finn Bálor - left knee bruise; status unknown
  • Jake Atlas - right eye contusion, not expected to miss time

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